The Transition Houses of Newfoundland and Labrador are guided by the following feminist principles and believe that:

  • woman abuse and family violence exist in society;
  • no woman or child should endure abuse such as  physical, psychological, emotional, sexual or economical abuse;
  • every woman and child has the right to live without fear;
  • a secure, non-judgmental and supportive environment will enable women to become independent in their own lives;
  • particular attention should be paid to the needs of children exposed to woman abuse and family violence;
  • ongoing services should be available to women and children who are victims of woman abuse and family violence;
  • communication and cooperation between agencies concerned with woman abuse and family violence should be encouraged at every opportunity;
  • Transition Houses are accountable  to those who access their services ;
  • services should be extended to women and their children of every  race, ethnic background, language, religion, marital status, socio-economic status, mental/physical ability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, national ancestry, and/or  citizenship status who meet the Transition Home admission criteria;
  • some abused women, such as aboriginal, economically disadvantaged, disabled, immigrant, lesbian, teenager and elderly women, face an even greater oppression;
  • Transition Houses should respond to the needs of women in rural and isolated areas;
  • Women have the right to personal dignity, to freedom from physical and/or psychological coercion, and to freedom of fear . Women have the right to information, the right to moral and personal freedom and the right to exercise personal autonomy in making decisions affecting her own life.